Aims and Objectives

To act as a facilitating body for conservation activities taking place in Botswana, with a special focus on fund raising initiatives which are national, sustainable and ensure the longevity of revenue flow to support the protection and growth of Botswana’s endangered species. 


  • Raise funds for continued monitoring of endangered species in Botswana for security and biological purposes
  • Promote endangered species for the conservation of biodiversity in Botswana
  • To promote scientific and educational studies of endangered species in Botswana
  • To play a leading role in international efforts to conserve endangered species, and in scientific research into these species.
  • Ensure that conservation actives taking place in Botswana are centralised and homogenised, promoting fund raising to ensure that they are efficient, sustainable and reactive.
  • Support activities that deter illegal wildlife trade and in the event of poaching, support the stakeholders on the ground with the most up-to-date technology, equipment and training.