With the good name and respected reputation for responsible sustainable environmental governance, Botswana is extremely proud to be one of the leading countries in conservation policy and the ability to protect all wildlife species, especially those that are considered critically endangered.

On 30th September, 2015, CNN reported on the WWF report where they state “in the last 40 years (1970 – 2010), there has been 52% overall decline in the world’s wildlife population”.  Despite the global decline, Botswana and all her people should be extremely proud and protective of its natural resources and growing populations of wildlife, including rhino, elephant, wild dog and pangolin.

Being the custodians of a globally endangered species brings with it tremendous level of responsibility.Those responsible for decimating the species use sophisticated equipment and employ extensive intelligence networks throughout southern Africa. 

To protect its endangered species, Botswana needs budgetary empowerment to deploy even more sophisticated and innovative methods and equipment than those used by the poachers. This unfortunately comes at a substantial expense and we invite all Batswana and all conservationists around the world to join us in raising funds to protect our endangered species.