Central Operations Unit For Rhino Monitoring

As more rhino are relocated to Botswana both through public and private initiatives the urgent requirement for a centrally located operations unit becomes more apparent. The vision of the national rhino coordinator and the DWNP is to create a location, geographically close to release sites in the Okavango such as Maun to monitor anti-poaching activities, data from collars and biological information important to the study and reporting of rhinos in Botswana.

The operational management of the centre is envisioned as a joint private/public partnership with members of Department of Wildlife and National Parks and Rhino Conservation Botswana, with input from the field from tourism operations in the Okavango and NGOs. Map Ives to brief the Trust on possible employment funding required in terms of the centre.

The project will include the construction of the centre, possibly portable units, with partial sponsorship of the Peace Parks Foundation on land sourced by the DWNP in Maun. Additional set up expenses include connection to utilities and communications. In addition to the building, hardware and software are required in order operate the centre.