National Conservation Initiative

It is suggested that the proposed initiative is created to deliver on a dual strategy that allows for immediate / short-term initiatives via the Fund as well as long-term projects via the Trust and thereby ensure its viability, continuity and ultimately its sustainability:

  • A Fund for the financing of specific immediate and on-going activities
  • A Trust for future investment, education and development of resources

Tlhokomela for the financing of specific immediate and on-going activities. Examples of short term Fund activities:

  • Translocation of endangered wildlife species to safe areas in Botswana
  • Veterinary care for the different species
  • Training of sniffer dogs and their handlers
  • Specific high-profile protection initiatives with the communities
  • Any individual, school, club, company or association wanting to hold a fund-raising initiative

Tlhokomela for long-term / future investment and development of human resources. Examples of long-term Trust activities:

  • Identify via Schools and Colleges suitable young people from Botswana who have the interest and potential to become e.g. Game Rangers, Scientists in the fields of endangered wildlife support, etc.
  • Identify key strategic issues related to protecting endangered species with other organisations with a similar mandate and create win-win Joint Ventures