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Cheetah Conservation Botswana and Ghanzi students celebrate International Cheetah Day

30 Nov 2017
Students play an important role in the conservation of nature. Worldwide cheetah populations are crashing, with the latest estimates showing that only 7,000 cheetahs are left in the wild today. In Botswana, the Ghanzi and Kgalagadi districts host the country’s largest cheetah populations but the...

Best practice guide and investigator tool kit for wildlife crime

14 Nov 2016 to 18 Nov 2016
As part of the pledge to see the creation of an in-house prosecution unit and capacity building along the entire criminal trial process, the implementing charity, Space For Giants in partnership with the Tlhokomela Trust  ran a week long engagement with the Department of Public Prosecutions (...

Rhino rescue Botswana

11 Feb 2016

Race for Rhino

01 Jul 2016 to 03 Jul 2016
Air Racing has been a part of aviation since the very start of airplanes roaming our skies. MAN LOVES TO COMPETE!!!!!!THE MATSIENG FLYING CLUB, based at Rasesa, Botswana, formed and run by a small number of aviator friends started organizing the Botswana International Airshow some five years ago....

Botswana Joins the Giants Club to fight the illegal ivory trade

03 Jan 2016
On one bank of the river Chobe, elephant carcasses can be found, lost to hunters and poachers. On the other bank, herds emerge from the surrounding floodplain each evening to drink and bathe in the river’s mud.It is a stunning contrast, one that illustrates the state of one of the most iconic, and...

Giants Club: The great elephant census tracking slaughter across Africa

03 Jan 2016
There is no lack of data on how many elephants are being killed across Africa. Those numbers are known from the carcasses left strewn on the savannahs where they were slaughtered.But, until now, there was no equivalent on how many are alive. To meet the need for accurate information about elephant...

The Giants Club: Tackling the threat to rhinos from organised poachers

03 Jan 2016
It is not only elephants that Tlhokomela and The Giants Club will work to protect in Botswana. The country has seen a six-fold increase in its population of rhino during the last decade as the security its plains offer resulted in the animals being relocated from neighbouring countries targeted by...

Giants Club: The new ranger training centre deep in the bush of Botswana

03 Jan 2016
A vehicle passing the wildlife department’s new ranger training centre would not even know it was there.The lines of tents and practice yards are hidden deep in the forest of northern Botswana, far from habitation, so the raw recruits gain an experience as close as possible to what they will...

Botswana Joins the Giants Club initiative

11 Nov 2015
On 11th November, the elephant conservation charity Space for Giants and Botswana’s High Commissioner to the UK, hosted a launch party at Northcliffe House, the offices of The Independent and Evening Standard in London.The event was held in order to celebrate Botswana joining the Giants Club, an...