Race for Rhino

01 Jul 2016 to 03 Jul 2016

Air Racing has been a part of aviation since the very start of airplanes roaming our skies. MAN LOVES TO COMPETE!!!!!!

THE MATSIENG FLYING CLUB, based at Rasesa, Botswana, formed and run by a small number of aviator friends started organizing the Botswana International Airshow some five years ago. The last two Botswana International Airshows were presented with great success after the joining of AirTeam under the leadership of Chris Briers. This combined effort was as smooth as a finely tuned Douglas DC3 roaring on a low level pass on a crisp winter morning....

AIRTEAM from Wonderboom Airport hosted the prestigious Race of Champions in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, for some years, very successfully under the stewardship of Chris Briers. Contemporary challenges have necessitated casting visions further afield. With an international vision about this air race, the MATSIENG FLYING CLUB and AIRTEAM joined up with Botswana Tourism to introduce the BOTSWANA AIR RACE FOR RHINOS to be held on the Makgadikgadi Pans in Central Botswana. Botswana Tourism, through a generous sponsorship, with the support of the Honourable Tshekedi Khama, Minister of Wildlife and Tourism and the Botswana Civil Aviation Authority enabled the organisers to host the BOTSWANA RACE FOR RHINOS in the Botswana skies for the first time.

Botswana being centrally situated and a conservation hub for Southern Africa is just the right place to host this prestigious event and also touching a subject that has become an international concern for everybody that loves nature and aim to preserve the Rhinos for generations to come.

This thrilling event will be hosted at the world renowned, Kubu Island, in the middle of the vast open Makgadigadi Pans, and will be one for the record books.

Come and join us......This event will excite all participants!