Five species of vulture found in Botswana are present I nthe IUCN Red List, with the white-backed vulture the most vulnerable and considered “Endangered”, whilst the following are considered “Vulnerable”: Cape Vulture, Hooded Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture and the White-headed Vulture.

The causes of decline are similar for all vultures and include habitat conversion to agro-pastoral systems and loss of wild ungulates leading to a reduced availability of carrion. Vultures are also indiscriminately poisoned and persecuted as a result of poaching of other endangered species such as rhino and illegally traded for superstition.

Scientific Name: 
Gyps africanus White-backed Vulture, Gyps coprotheres Cape Vulture, Necrosyrtes monachus Hooded Vulture, Torgos tracheliotos Lappet-faced Vulture, Trigonoceps occipitalis White-headed Vulture