Wild dog Relocation

Request was made to Tlhokomela to help assist with litter of wild dog puppies who were under the care of the DWNP in the CKGR with the assistance of Wilderness Safaris (Kalahari Plains Camp). The puppies were declining in health and required care to ensure their survival. Private support from Wilderness Safaris (aircraft/equipment and feeding) and Dr Rob Jackson working together with DWNP veterinarian DR Rueben and Tico McNutt have managed to locate a wild den which would be ideal to release the puppies into.

Prior to the solution being found for the puppies, an option of moving them into the care of Grasslands Farm in Ghanzi was explored. Attention was bought to the Trust that currently Grasslands is home to over 40 wild dogs whose care is privately funded. The managers have requested assistance in relocating at least 20 of the wild dogs currently in captivity.

This project could possibly be coordinated by Drs Reuben and Jackson and specialists in the wild dog field McNutt & Maude to put together a viable, sustainable and scientifically logical long term programme  for the rehabilitation of existing captive wild dog, as well as a protocol that  covers any new animals that come into captivity.